We Hold the Following Unaffiliated Events at Hilltop:
Hunter Trials
Two Phase Horse Trials
One Day Events
All competitions have 2’3, 2`6, 2’9 and 3’3 Classes (Split Junior and Senior) and some also have 3’6 Classes – Something for Riders of all Abilities, Young and Experienced Horses.

With Over 100 Jumps and the ability to set Competition Courses in both Clockwise and ante Clockwise directions, we can offer different Cross Country Courses at our various Competitions.

Our Ground is well maintained to a high standard (see Matt Ryan’s Testimonial) and we have all weather take off’s and landings. We no longer graze sheep on the course, but manage the grass so there is always a good grass cover. All this ensures that the going is good, both in wet weather and when the ground is hard.

We often miss rain when other areas suffer, and we hardly ever have to cancel competitions. If the weather is bad with you, it is probably fine at Hilltop. You can phone from 6.a.m on Competition days to check that the Competition is still on – Tel: 01531 632291.

With the exception of unforseen circumstances, we aim to run our Competitions efficiently and to time.

Viewing: Most of the Cross Country Course can be seen from the top of the hill. Parents and friends can easily watch riders as they go round. We have a horse free viewing area at the top of the hill where disabled or very elderly followers can park their cars. (Only disabled and very elderly followers may use their cars here). Other foot followers can also watch in safety from here if they wish.

P.A in Lorry Parks: Loud speakers are permanently sited in the lorry parks to announce the start of a class or prize giving.

Access: The farm entrance is directly off the lane which takes two lane traffic (you do not have to drive for miles along single track lanes!). The Lorry parks are in two grass fields with good access from a tarmac farm road.

Facilities at Competitions:
Photographer (photos on the day and on line)
Results on Hilltop website
Food and Tack Stands
3 flushing lavatories are all on site
Vet on call
No farrier so please ensure your horse is well shod
Schedules and Entry Forms (as they become available) are added to the website.