Riders Testimonials

Hilltop is endorsed by
Lucinda Green MBE, Matt Ryan & Marie Sleet, Leslie Law, Nick Burton, William Miflin
and other well known 3 Day Eventers.
From Beginners to Advanced we have all you need to Train and Compete Cross Country.
Endorsement: Lucinda Green MBE
To whom it may concern

Hilltop Farm X-country Course is built safely and solidly and forms a marvellous introduction to riders wishing to learn the sport of cross country riding.

So many improvements and additions have been made since it was first built in 1994 that it is now a course that appeals to riders of many different levels.

Yours faithfully,

Lucinda Green MBE

Endorsement: Leslie Law
To whom it may concern

I have used Hilltop XC course on many occasions with many different levels of horses, I found it excellent for the young horses with a huge variety of fences which are well built and very educational for young and novice horses.

The work that has been done on the course now provides many bigger fences which creates a fantastic course for schooling the more experienced horses and riders

Excellent training facilities.

Yours faithfully,

Leslie Law

Endorsement: Nick Burton
To Hilltop Fruit Farm Cross Country Course

I have always found it beneficial to produce my young Event horses at Hilltop Fruit Farm, as there is such a variation in the type and height of the fences, all of which have been safely designed and many with prepared take off and landings where necessary.

In particular the water fence offers many alternatives on entry and exit and can be ideal for the youngster who has never been asked to `paddle` through water before to the more experienced horse who can jump directly into water.

Kind Regards,

Nick Burton

Endorsement: Matt Ryan & Marie Sleet
To whom it may concern

Hilltop Cross Country Course is an excellent place to take all levels of horse and rider cross country schooling. It has a great variety of fences that take advantage of both the flat and hilly terrain. The ground conditions around and between all the fences is looked after immaculately.

We thoroughly recommend Hilltop and feel it would be of benefit to the amateur and the professional alike

Yours faithfully,

Matt Ryan & Marie Sleet

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Endorsement: William Miflin
BE Accredited Trainer and Successful Rider William Miflin describes Hilltop as a Good facility with well presented fences and water complexes. Suitable for grass roots to Intermediate level.